Inclusion For All

Dedicated to including ALL people with special needs - our first project is:



The Camp-For-All Information Center

The complete resource to help parents and professionals include ALL kids in summer camp

The All About Camp Guide - Program descriptions, budgets, staffing, fundraising and other information gathered from successful camp inclusion programs.

The Creative Problem Solver - Proven strategies to overcome common challenges, and a hotline to inclusion professionals across North America.

The Great Team Builder - How to find, hire, train and motivate a winning team.

The Happy Camper Planner - How parents, professionals and camp staff can work together to make sure that every camper has the best possible summer.

The Smart Parent Resource Center - Choosing a camp, advocating for your child, finding financial assistance and other helpful information.

The Summer of Success - Selecting and adapting enjoyable and accessible activities for all campers.


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